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We are driven by meaningful work that supports our clients' rights, interests and well-being and serves to protect the lands and waters that sustain all life.

Who we are

EnCompass Environmental was founded in 2021 based on a passion for people and the environment.  

Our education and work experience allows us to work with clients on:

  • scientific reviews of technical reports

  • environmental sampling and monitoring

  • environmental training and Guardians' programs

  • human health and ecological risk assessments

  • fish and fish habitat assessments

  • environmental management planning

  • community engagement


We use a collaborative and holistic approach to all of our environmental projects.  And we believe that giving back is important - we work with communities to weave social initiatives into all of our work.

Our Founder


Alison Fraser

Alison Fraser has 20 years of experience in environmental consulting, working with regulators, consultants, proponents and Indigenous communities on environmental site assessments, impact assessments, human health risk assessments and environmental management planning projects. Her background is in contaminated sites management, and in particular, human health risk assessment. She is experienced in community engagement, including the development and delivery of workshops and presentations. Ms. Fraser is able to bring together large teams to solve complex environmental projects and has experience leading scientific committees and organizations. 

Our Guiding Principles 


We strive to be innovative in all that we do. We are inspired by the people we work with, by ever-evolving science, and by all ways of thinking. We tackle projects creatively and with our clients' rights, interests and concerns at top of mind. We are always pushing boundaries and moving forward sound science.


We believe in meaningful engagement and collaboration, from project onset to project completion. Our work is not done until we have met the needs of our clients and have met the goals of the project.  Together with our clients, we work to ensure our projects make a positive and real impact.

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We begin each project by shining light on what matters most to our clients and their communities. We believe that the most important step in addressing environmental issues is fully understanding our clients, their communities, as well as their values, interests, rights and concerns. 


We are rooted in our core belief that people and the environment matter. We work with our clients and communities to protect the lands and waters, and all life they support. We are committed to giving back - to our client communities and to the environment - through donations of time and money. 

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